Each year gets bigger and busier, and as an Event Manager you don’t have the time to look for different people to cover every detail of your event. Event Manager’s or organisers are now looking for a one-stop-shop where they can hire all the services they need to ensure that their event is a success. The days of hiring a DJ from one company; lighting from another; sound equipment from another; décor from another; and all that madness, is over.

The key to hosting an event you and your guests will never forget, is to find that one business you can rely on to always have your back no matter what the situation is.

Make PriFactor your ‘Eventing Home’

At PriFactor, we manage more aspects to your event than you would ever think is possible. Being experts in the technical field, our team uses the latest and the best technology to suit your event. We are partnered with some of South Africa’s top event suppliers and will ensure that your event goes down as the event of the year.

Contact PriFactor today so that our experts can chat to you about your event.

What we're up to

PriFactor was honoured to do the AV at the Fiestas this year. Special thanks to Visual Frontier & Splitbeam for making us part of this production.

After a busy 2 weeks, we are excited and ready for the week ahead!