Hi guys, JP here

And welcome to my blog.

If you’re new to Prifactor, I’m the owner of an events management company that specialises in corporate functions and high-profile events. We take care of lightning, sound and audiovisual displays, making use of the best LED technology and multi-display software to bring your event to life.

Today I want to talk about what I’ve learned being a young entrepreneur in South Africa, and give tips to other young people who want to get out there.

When you think of an entrepreneur, who do you think of? Richard Branson? Bill Gates? These guys are known to be wealthy and successful, but for many young people, this makes the idea of becoming an entrepreneur seem impossible.

That doesn’t need to be in the case. If you live in modern-day South Africa, all you need is the right attitude, a little bit of luck, and access to basic essentials, like internet and a bank account.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur already, which means you know full well the satisfaction of working for yourself.

With the right attitude, and a desire to succeed, no dream is too big.

1. Enjoy what you do

Do you know what Richard Branson, Bill Gates and other mega-rich businessmen have in common? They love what they do.

Not only is it easier to enjoy what you’re doing when you’re working for yourself – it’s absolutely crucial.

PriFactor exists because I love the events industry. I’m an outgoing person who enjoys helping bring a show to life.

The minute you start finding the work a slog, you might as well kiss goodbye to your venture. Sure, you’ll have good and bad days, but if your passion wanes for too long, the motivation to make it a success won’t be there.

2. Work hard

Hard work never goes away. It means spending days and nights investing yourself in what you love doing and building your brand.

The phrase “hard work” sounds simple – basic, even, but it’s the essential building block of any successful enterprise.

3. Be firm, and believe in yourself

I’ve learnt to be strong in my beliefs, and not to let people push me around. The key? Know what you believe in and stick to it. Of course, if you’re in the wrong, have the decency to admit you’ve made a mistake and be the bigger person. Being a businessperson is about building relationship as much as anything, so be firm – but be fair.

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks

Risk taking is a big part of entrepreneurship. It means the idea of giving up a steady pay check and sacrificing your personal capital to make a success of your venture.

It means taking a punt, and sometimes pushing yourself further than you ought to.

In the end, taking a risk will help you get to the next level.