Prifactor’s team of technicians ensure that they undertake in-depth planning before each event by working closely with our clients to fully understand the client’s needs, ensure that there is an understanding of the venue’s dimensions and limitations, draw up 3D designs for each specific event which will allow the client to experience the show before the principal construction has commenced; and to ensure that we are fast and efficient on the day.

Stage design

Prifactor will provide you with CAD drawings, inclusive of the event’s physical structure, with set and floor plan details which will verify that everything fits accordingly, and that all your guests are able to completely experience your event. Imagine bringing your event to life, even before the physical construction has even commenced!

Graphic design

With state of the art technology, Prifactor incorporates digital design to make your biggest and wildest dreams of your event, come to life. With omniscient knowledge of digital trends, we have the ability to create virtual spaces, extending beyond reality.

Stage structure

Elevation is a great way to increase visibility and focus! We provide stage and structure design for all sorts of events, from large outdoor musical events, to indoor concerts and conferences, we have the expertise to offer you unique staging and structure solutions, specifically designed for the needs of your event.


Paired with our highly qualified sound engineers, Prifactor can offer suitable sound systems and lighting arrangements, varying from music festivals, to film recordings, fashion and theatre shows. We are able to record and mix sound, music and dialogue for live performances, giving your event a crisp sound experience.


With our team of lighting designers and technicians, Prifactor offers top of the range lighting options which are both decorative and functional. Not only can we transform your musical event to a rock star extravaganza, we can also create an intimate space, by setting the tone with an exceptional use of lighting.

Audio visual

With LED Screens, vision mixing, and multi display software, 3D mapping and so much more, Prifactor will merge you to the virtual world and reality. Coupled with a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines, Prifactor offers first class services, at only a fraction of the budget.